Newsletter - Edition 16

on 21 June 2018
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Click here to download Edition 16 of the Stingrays Newsletter.....

Important information in the Newsletter:

  • Updated training and TAC Cup Games schedule - there are dates in here until July 29th to help with planning!
  • AFL Victoria TAC Sponsorship - compulsory parent e learning module. Please can we make sure everyone completes this!
  • Sunday recovery sessions - Linen House Seaford closed BACK AT FRANKSTON LIFE SAVING CLUB.
  • Under 14 Skills Days - all listed players to attend one day- Dates outlined in Newsletter
  • Overdue fees & Sponsorship money required.
  • HIGHVIEW ACCOUNTING SERVICES- As tax time approaches, I’d like to remind you of one of our long-term club Sponsors.
  • Dandenong Southern Stingrays - social media pages (5), please join.
  • Smartabase - reminder, plus match reports MUST be loaded each week (high priority for Vic Country squad players)
  • Hudl Access – vision loaded each week by a Monday all players should have access.